DC Payments (formerly InfoCash) ATM
DC Payments (formerly InfoCash)
DC Payments (formerly InfoCash)

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UK's market leaders in Triton ATM machines

Our ATM machine hardware is amongst the most reliable in the world

While service and flexibility are a big part of our success, it is not only our human attributes that give us the edge.

With a Triton ATM machine, you are in good company – there are nearly 200,000 ATM machine installations in over 24 countries worldwide. The company has been providing reliable ATM machine products for more than 30 years and leads the way in cash machine innovation and features.

We can supply high quality ATM machine units suitable for installation in all sites from a wide selection of designs including internal 'Free-Standing Lobby' ATM machines or external 'Hole-In-The-Wall' units. We will help you decide which ATM machine model best fits your needs.

DC Payments (formerly InfoCash) FT5000 ATM

DC Payments (formerly InfoCash) FT5000 ATM machine

Features include:

  • Two to four cassettes
  • 80 mm thermal printer with presenter
  • 2 MB journal storage (32,768 records)

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DC Payments (formerly InfoCash) RL2000 ATM

DC Payments (formerly InfoCash) RL2000 ATM Machine

Features include:

  • 32-Bit Processor
  • Microsoft® Windows® CE 5.0
  • 128 MB Expandable Flash Memory

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Key Benefits

Working with DC Payments

Sister company to Direct Cash global group of companies

World’s leading manufacturer

200,000 global installations

Highest quality product

Over 30 years of trust

Robust & reliable

Leading-edge design

7 day helpdesk support

Simple to use